New Homes
Addition to your existing home

I need to find property:
1. There are many listings for property In the Washington area:
a. Real-estate agents;
b. Private owners, in the classified ad of the local paper:

Items to consider in looking for property:
a. The school district;
b. The tax base;
c. What public utilities are available on the property?
d. Does the property pass a perk test?
(PERK, a test done on the property if a on site sewage system is required and no public
system is available) Depending on the system required these cost could range from 5 to 12
thousand dollars.
e. What is the water situation on the property?
If a well system is necessary, depending on the required depth cost can range from 3 to 5
thousand dollars.
f. The amount of property you need:
1. There are tax incentives with 10 acres or more.
2. The restrictions of the on site sewage system may present advantages with 10 or more acres!

How much does a new home cost.
1. Typically new home construction will start at $100.00 per square foot of living space
(Living space is defined as the finished interior area of the house, normally the unfinished
basement, or attached garage is exempt from these figures,
2. At $100.00 per square foot the home is vinyl exterior siding, drywall interior, with painted
interior trims; the home will have not more than (6) exterior comers.
3. At $100.00 per square foot the home is completed interior and exterior, ready to move in!
4. We provide ballpark estimates for all types of homes and can give you a general idea of
the cost from basic information and pictures provided by you!

I need to find house blueprints:
1. There are numerous design magazines available at your local bookstores
2. Balco Builders can custom design your new home for you. The fees of a custom designed home will vary depending on the complexity and size of the design. This cost can be discussed with setting up a meeting in our office.

I have blueprints, but wish to modify the design:
1. Balco Builders can re-design, shrink, or add to, your existing blueprints,

How do I know the home will fit on my property?
1. It is best to have 2 or three pictures of the homes you like on hand and set up a meeting
with us. We will visit the site and help you determine the plan best suited for the property.
2. Local building code restrictions or set-backs will need to be determined before knowing
the size of house you can build. This information is available at the township in which the
property is located!

What additional living space am I looking for?
1. Give some serious thought as to what additional living space you need.
a. Adjoining bedrooms can become a new master bedroom by removing a partition wall.
b. Existing patios can become enclosed four season rooms, or additional kitchen area.
c. Second floors can be added to a single story home.
d. Additional space can be added to any elevation of the existing home.

Things to consider in the design process:
1. If you are considering adding living space to the outside of the home check with the local
township for property set backs from adjoining neighbors. The set back is the distance
required by the township or by-laws of a neighborhood for distances from your property
lines on all four sides.
2. Access to and from the proposed building site. It is sometimes physically not possible to
get around to the site. You may need permission from your neighbor
3. Consider your existing utilities:
a. Will the heating and cooling system handle the additional square footage?
b. Arc the electrical panel requirements sufficient?
4 Looking at the existing construction of the structure itself.
a. Can the existing framing handle the loading we want to add?
b. Are the existing exterior finishes still available to match the old construction and
if not what are the options?

Design of your addition:
1. Do we really need drawings?
a. Drawings provide many details for the project that you as a home owner may
consider as standard or may not even consider, such as:
b. Footer requirements, depth, size. Reinforcing steel.
c. Special framing details, bearing headers, ridge beams,
d. How to tie the existing house to the addition?
e. Interior and exterior finishes.
f. What is the addition going to look like when completed?

2. How do we get the blueprints?
a. Balco builders can provide completed drawing for the project. Generally the
completed drawings will provide all necessary information for the construction
and finish of the project, Including framing, exterior finishes, window placement
and size, door placement and size, brand names of products used, Interior
finishes, wall materials, floor finishes, window and door trim. Elevation heights,
and all dimensions, basic electrical and plumbing layout. The complexity of the
schedule of finishes can be further discussed with setting up a meeting
b You can also employ an Architect to complete the drawings.