Q. Is it cheaper to build new or add to my existing home?
A. Generally to build on to the existing home will cost more per square foot.

Q. Why are the bids I'm receiving varying by so much?
A. 1. Did you specify all the materials to be used, exterior & interior?
2. Are your contractors reputable, insured with both workman's compensation and business liability insurance?
3. Did you provide drawings with all details?
4. Are you confident the contractors know what they are bidding?

Q. How do I know we have a good builder?
A. Ask for a reference list, at the minimum 12 people! Ask for directions to at least three completed jobs and one in progress, along with the phone number of the customer for the job in progress! Check the Better Business Beau and the local building association! Also pictures of past projects!

Q. Why do builders come and go on a project?
A. Most all builders must have 1-3 projects going at all times, generally they try to schedule the work in offset phases, example, when the foundation of one job is being done, the framing of another is being completed, this minimizes the time away from your project. Often the weather, or materials being back ordered will cause the schedules to collide. It is best to define your builders schedule prior to starting.

Q. Should I give Builder money up front?
A. On a few rare occasions a Builder will request up-front money, such as special order items. Generally your Builder should start working then request payment. A payout schedule should be attached to the contract between you and the Builder.

Q. What is a punch list?
A. The owner will compile a list of items after the Builder has given notice he has completed the project that owner feels needs looked at. These issues should be resolved before final payment to the Builder.

Q. Can I do some of the work myself?
A. Most Builders will permit the owner to complete certain portions of the work. The Owner and the Builder need to define these points in the contract and also stipulations of how much notice to give each other as to when the work will need started and completed as to avoid delays on both parties!